Is It Safe To Participate In ROC Race?

Safety is our top priority for all ROC Race participants, spectators, volunteers and staff. The ROC Race event series has one of the most comprehensive safety plans in the obstacle racing industry, which has been thoroughly reviewed by third party independent safety consultants.

All obstacles are designed with a focus on participant safety and are rigorously maintained. Additionally, the obstacles have been experienced by 150,000 participants to date.

ROC Race cannot eliminate all risks and does not guarantee that an injury will not occur. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver stating that they understand the risks of participating in the ROC Race event but we do strive to ensure all participants have a safe, challenging and fun experience. The ROC Race policy is that participation is not required on any obstacle, and participants who feel they are unwilling or unable to attempt an obstacle for any reason are encouraged to bypass the obstacle.

Our ROC Race course is solely meant for your enjoyment, and we know you'll have a blast conquering our TV show-inspired obstacles!

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