What If I’m A Minor?

If a minor wishes to participate at our event (i.e. someone who is between 13–17 years of age), their parent or legal guardian MUST complete the registration form and sign the required waivers. To register someone under the age of 18, the parent or legal guardian will need to create a new Active account, or login to their existing Active account and select ‘register someone else under 18’. The parent or legal guardian’s information will be entered into the top portion of the form, followed by the minor’s information. After registration is completed, the email address associated with the parent or legal guardian’s account will receive the confirmation email for the minor’s registration.

NOTE: Minors are NOT able to create teams during the registration process. Minors ARE able to join already existing teams. Someone over the age of 18 will need to create a team.  If there is no one 18 or over that will be participating with the minors, please submit a request, as we can assist in creating a team for the minor. NOTE: TEAMS CAN ONLY BE CREATED AFTER THE MINOR HAS REGISTERED. 

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