Change My Pickup Preference

To change your pickup preference, simply login to your Active account at and select 'purchase additional merchandise'. Then scroll down to the packet pick-up section. Choose the option you prefer, and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. Once you have completed this change and paid any associated fees you will receive a confirmation email verifying this change is completed.

If you do not wish to update your preference before the event (or the cutoff deadline for updating this information has passed) this is not a problem as your information is in our system and will still be available for pickup. If you have not paid the $5 Event Day pickup fee, you will be able to pay this fee on site by cash or credit card.

Please note: if you have chosen to pick up your packets on event day you are still welcome to visit packet pick up to receive your materials. Please be advised that event day pick up fees are non-refundable and if you choose this option the pick up fees will not be refunded. 

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